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Make Sure It's Right - Video
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2015 Space Systems Supplier Conference Presentations

2014 Space Systems Supplier Conference Presentations and Additional Resources
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Procurement Information

Kevin Pinson    (303) 977-5543 Denver Operations
Karen Laurant  (504) 257-1631 Michoud Operations
Linda Ricci       (610) 354-6632 Valley Forge, PA
Brad McGuire   (256) 217-6863 Huntsville, AL

Quality Assurance

Bruce Cardinal   (603) 738-2514
Chris Pembo     (228) 813-2236 Michoud/Stennis Operations

Transportation Routing Guides

John Machann   (303) 977-3305 Littleton, CO
Brian Schmitt     (504) 257-1707 Michoud Operations
John Domanico  (610) 354-3810 Valley Forge, PA
Scott Givens      (408) 742-6618 Sunnyvale, CA

Terms and Conditions  (Contact Your Procurement Representative for Questions)

Leigh Anne Swanson   (408) 742-6048


Accounts Payable
Customer Service  (863) 647-0558

LM Transportation Routing Guides

Foreign Object Debris Program: Guidelines and blank forms are available for companies wishing to document their own program to eliminate Foreign Object Debris. Be patient while file opens.