Cyber Security


Cyber Security attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication for the Aerospace and Defense industry.  Adversaries are targeting anyone who possesses the sensitive information they seek including the government, prime contractors, and suppliers.  It is imperative that our suppliers understand what’s at stake and recognize our shared role in protecting sensitive information and intellectual property.   A single mistake or breach could have enormous consequences for our customers, our business, the Aerospace & Defense Industry, and national security. To manage this risk, Lockheed Martin has put together a three pronged strategy in conjunction with suppliers. 


Understanding Posture

Lockheed Martin must understand a supplier’s ability to protect sensitive information and manage cyber security risk. Suppliers vary in their capabilities to address cyber threats and protect sensitive information.   We have several initiatives underway to understand a supplier’s cyber security capabilities including a supplier cyber security questionnaire at Exostar. 


Building Awareness

As the dependence on information and communications systems increases, we are faced with new security challenges. It is imperative that suppliers understand the threat landscape and techniques used by the adversary so they are able to protect sensitive information and intellectual property.

Reducing Risk

One of the keys to delivering mission success for any program or customer is the ability to manage risks in whatever form.  Lockheed Martin and its suppliers must work together to ensure that the appropriate risk mitigations are in place to protect sensitive information and deliver results.




Protecting Sensitive Information

A panel discussion focused on the important role we all play in protecting sensitive information.  The discussion includes an overview of the cyber security threat landscape and highlights public resources available to suppliers to better understand and manage cyber security risks.


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