Doing Business with Lockheed Martin

Supplier Partnerships are Essential for Achieving Mission Success
At Lockheed Martin, we achieve mission success by meeting all of our commitments to our customers and attaining total customer satisfaction. That's our strategy, in helping our customers during their defining moments. Suppliers are a big part of that strategy. Doing business with suppliers and small businesses adds fuel to the engine of our economy.

How to Become a Lockheed Martin Supplier
The new reality is that our business environment is more competitive than ever before. Lockheed Martin needs suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, and who can help us deliver a product better, faster and smarter. Working with our category management teams in a long-term business environment will strengthen our supply chain and the integrity of the components of our products. 

To be successful, first, become familiar with Lockheed Martin products and services by reviewing the What We Buy listing. Knowing what we produce, purchase and areas of immediate need will help you evaluate your opportunities and prepare information on your capabilities targeted to our requirements.

If what your firm provides complements Lockheed Martin's products and services, the next step is to market your firm and capabilities by completing the  Marketing Input Form. Respond to all questions.  Learn more about input fields so you can have the needed information on hand.  (Do not send proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information.)

Please note: Suppliers are selected on the basis of a firm's ability to satisfy Lockheed Martin requirements, which include quality, price, delivery and continuity of supply, capacity and reliability. It is important to note that although Lockheed Martin has a strong base of suppliers, it is a competitive business environment and at times there may not be an immediate opportunity in an area.  Even in areas of interest, an initial acquisition can take up to 18-24 months. 

Lockheed Martin has established supply chain security standards for international suppliers. Prospective international suppliers must visit our C-TPAT website to evaluate these standards and review the C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) prior to registering within the Corporate Supplier Database.

How to do business with Lockheed Martin

  • Market your firm and capabilities by completing the Marketing Input Form.  Please answer all questions and provide thorough responses.  Learn more about input fields so you can have the needed information on hand.
  • Do not send or input proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information to Lockheed Martin, or correspondence containing a statement that the contents might be proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified.
  • You may receive a request to register in the Exostar Supplier Registration System. Select LM P2P Unsolicited Registration Request to access the registration form.  Our buyers cannot issue a purchase order to you until you are in our Exostar supplier database.  Your initial input will be incomplete.  You will be asked to provide more complete information when a buyer “pulls” your company into our buying database.  Please keep your Exostar user logon information readily available, as you will be asked to update your information on buyer “pull”, when company information changes, and at least annually to self-certify small business status.
  • For questions and assistance, contact


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