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When we say ‘Who’s Knocking’ we mean the diverse suppliers who come to Lockheed Martin with a competitive edge and desire to deliver high quality, innovative products and services to our customers.  We seek diverse suppliers that collaborate with us to bring top value customer solutions and global security benefits. Our supplier diversity resources provide many small business the maximum exposure to subcontracting opportunities based on customer requirements, and solid performance is key. Our supplier network contributes to small business economic growth and job opportunities.

The Caribou Thunder team in San Diego prepares for deployment to Iraq in support of the Iraq Integrated Air Defense System program.

Caribou Thunder Grows to Support Industry Demands

Caribou Thunder LLC Resources is a provider of global engineering services since 2006. The company is certified by the Small Business Administration as a Native American, HUBZone and Small Disadvantaged Business that has completed projects for major defense contractors in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and in 22 states across America.

Caribou Thunder knows the value of performance and has grown a reputation for outstanding delivery within Lockheed Martin by supporting programs such as P-3 Orion, Q-70 Combat Computer Server System, Technology Insertion Hardware, Royal Jordanian Air Force C3 and the Littoral Combat Ship with engineering, management and support resources. Most recently, Caribou Thunder supported Lockheed Martin on the Iraq Integrated Air Defense System program, assisting the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the U.S. government in the reconstruction of the Iraq air defense system. Caribou Thunder provided radar technicians, C2 systems administrators, enterprise network administrators, air defense instructors, Arabic interpreters, and a management team to support this program with fixed price subcontracts.  The team also procured and successfully provided life support services for the staff in multiple locations.

As Caribou Thunder has grown, the business continues to focus on the defense industry, gaining valuable experience with global import/export compliance, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, security clearance administration, government contracting regulations and the unique needs of the defense industry.

“Our success is made possible by a commitment made by our management to stand by our customers as a partner through the full life cycle of each program to ensure delivery,” said Rita Peterson, president of Caribou Thunder.

Caribou Thunder is taking on several new projects for command and control system work and surveillance, including support for NASA to distribute data from earth-observing satellites. The team also continues to invest in training for key personnel in export compliance and security administration, while upgrading financial and timekeeping systems. These improvements in capabilities and processes will enable continued support to Lockheed Martin and businesses across the globe.

For more information on Caribou Thunder, visit www.ctlresources.com.

Opening Doors To Opportunity and Innovation

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