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The Lockheed Martin Groundwater Treatment Facility, formerly the Loral American Beryllium Company (ABC) site, is situated on slightly more than five acres at 1600 Tallevast Road in Tallevast, Florida.

ABC was an ultra-precision machine parts manufacturing plant, where metals were milled, lathed and drilled into various components. The plant was shut down in September 1996 after Lockheed Martin acquired Loral and assumed ownership of the facility.

The property contained five primary buildings covering approximately 66,300 square feet. All five buildings were dismantled.

The Corporation has assumed responsibility for the assessment and cleanup of environmental impacts from the former American Beryllium Company.


With the discovery of groundwater contamination in 2000, Lockheed Martin immediately notified the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and began voluntary site cleanup.

Lockheed Martin and it's contract team conducted extensive investigations, collected significant design data, and gathered input from the FDEP and the community's independent technical experts to ensure the contamination was fully investigated and delineated.


The Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Addendum is the culmination of substantial work conducted by Lockheed Martin, its contractors, the local community's technical experts, community members, and the State to design the best solutions for reducing human exposure to on-facility soil and for cleaning up groundwater contamination from the former ABC site.

Assessment and cleanup activities are being conducted pursuant to the requirements detailed in Consent Order No. 04-1328 executed by and between Lockheed Martin and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, effective July 28, 2004. 


The FDEP approved the RAP Addendum in November 2010 and construction of the Groundwater Treatment System was completed in summer of 2013. All testing is completed and the system is online and fully operational as of 2014.




Lockheed Martin is committed to its partnership with the Tallevast community. We have and will continue to invest in the environmental, health and economic needs of the community. We do this because these efforts are fair, just and right. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with the FDEP, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Department of Health and community organizations to safeguard the health of Tallevast residents.

In addition, Lockheed Martin offers medical support, property value protection and well closure incentives to Tallevast residents. Lockheed Martin has also stayed active in Manatee and Sarasota County schools, supporting such programs as The Technology Students Association, The Manatee Education Foundation, Science Institute for Teaching and other workshops for teachers and students to enhance the school system in Tallevast. Learn more about our community commitments »





Background & Timeline
When Lockheed Martin discovered groundwater contamination in 2000, the corporation immediately notified the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and began voluntary site cleanup.

Defining the Site
When initially involved in the former ABC facility, Lockheed Martin performed a number of assessments to define and gauge the extent of the plume area within the site. These various assessments then determined the focus of remediation efforts to follow.

Interim Cleanup
Prior to distributing the annual Remedial Action Plan report, Lockheed Martin produces Interim Remedial Action Reports and Plans to document the short-term focus of remediation activities.

Lockheed Martin formally documents remediation efforts at and around the former ABC facility in yearly Remedial Action Plan Reports and Work Plans.

Additional Remediation
Lockheed Martin has undertaken other measures to benefit the environmental remediation activities at and around the former ABC facility.

Resources & Terms
Learn more about environmental remediation in general and explore other sources of remediation information for the former Loral American Beryllium Company site in particular.