Tallevast Blog 2012

Construction Work to Shutdown for the Holidays

Posted December 21, 2012

Construction work on the water treatment facility will shutdown for the holidays beginning Monday, Dec. 24 through New Years Day – Tues., Jan. 1, 2013.  Work will resume on Jan. 2, 2013.... read more


Crews Working on Details for Water Treatment Facility

Posted December 14, 2012
Building crews continued to work on the fine details for the water treatment facility this week with punch list work, painting, installing doors and building out the interior of the office area.  read more

Construction Accomplishments Continuing

Posted December 6, 2012
Construction on the water treatment building continued this week with electrical wiring and testing, piping installation and aluminum walkway and handrail installations in the process area. read more

Water Conveyance System Objectives Being Completed

Posted November 30, 2012
This week, water conveyance system crews completed installation of fiber-optic cabling to the well network, and also completed installation of the infiltration gallery and electrical control panel on the Waste Pro property.   Read more »

Work Continuing Steadily Up to Thanksgiving Holiday Next Week

Posted November 16, 2012
This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, conveyance system crews continued installing conveyance piping and installing manholes and structures on the east side of the site. Crews also began installing the last two on-facility vaults located on the southern end of the property.   Read more »

Power Connected to Main Switchgear for Electrical Testing in Water Treatment Facility

Posted November 9, 2012
Electrical power was successfully connected to the main switchgear in the water treatment facility this week, and crews will continue to do testing on the motor control center.   Read more »

Water Conveyance System and Building Construction Crews Working Steadily

Posted November 2, 2012
Water conveyance system crews began installing vaults and piping on the east side of the Lockheed Martin facility this week. The crews also continued to install off-facility communication lines and equipment within the on-facility and off-facility structures. Instrument configuration for the communication system, to connect the building with the extraction well network, was also done. Read more »

Water Conveyance System Crews Making Great Progress

Posted October 26, 2012
On the Lockheed Martin facility this week, water conveyance system crews made great progress installing conveyance lines and completed work on the north and east sides of the water treatment building. Read more »

Steady Progress Continuing on Water Treatment Building Construction

Posted October 19, 2012
This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, building contractors continued installing electrical conduit and piping, and louvers and fans, in the process area.  Read more »

Exterior Building Wall Tile and Stone Trim Completed

Posted October 12, 2012


This week on the Lockheed Martin faciility, building process area construction continued with completion of the exterior decorative wall tile and stone trim. Read more »

Building Construction Progressing Smoothly

Posted October 7, 2012


Construction on the building process area continued at the Lockheed Martin facility this week with the installation of electrical wiring and equipment piping Read more »

Water Conveyance Piping Work Progressing

Posted September 28, 2012


This week, crews continued setting piping, manholes and structures in the  ground on the northeast and southeast portions of the Lockheed Martin facility. Read more »

Process Construction Milestone Reached for Water Treatment Facility

Posted September 25, 2012


Building construction at the Lockheed Martin facility during the week of September 17th reached an important milestone as crews completed placement all of the skids and tanks in the process area.  Read more »

Raising the Roof on Construction for the Water Treament Facility

Posted September 23, 2012


The week of September 10-14 at the Lockheed Martin facility, building construction continued with substantial completion of the roofing tile installation. Workers continued installing process piping and setting equipment in the process area. Read more »

Water Treatment Building and Conveyance Piping Construction Progressing

Posted September 9, 2012


Construction continued this week on the water treatment facility with installation of roofing tile on the eastern and southern sides of the building.Read more »

Work Resumes After One-Day Shutdown for Tropical Storm Isaac

Posted August 31, 2012

  This week, the impacts associated with Tropical Storm Isaac prompted a shutdown of all operations on Monday, Aug. 27 at the Lockheed Martin facility. Read more »

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Safety Preparedness Being Taken on Lockheed Martin Site

Posted August 28, 2012

We are carefully watching and monitoring the path of Tropical Storm Isaac, and our crews are securing the site according to our tropical storm/hurricane safety procedures. Read more »

Interior and Exterior Work Moving Forward on RAPA Construction

Posted August 17, 2012

This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, roofing crews began the installation of clay tile on the building roof. Crews also continued painting activities, and installing soffit and flashing. We continued receiving process area tanks, skids and piping. Read more »

Construction Progressing Toward Goal

Posted August 10, 2012

Construction activities are progressing at a good pace toward the goal of completing the water treatment facility by later this fall.  Read more »

Water Treatment Building Construction in Full Swing

Posted August 3, 2012

This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, construction crews continued with process equipment and piping installation, office area framing, and plumbing, mechanical, and electrical conduit rough-in activities. Read more »

Activities Moving Forward for RAPA Construction

Posted July 27, 2012

This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, building crews continued caulking, painting, metal and plywood roof decking, trusses, and window installation. Plumbers and electricians continued installation of conduits inside the building. Read more »