Defining the Site

When initially involved in the former ABC facility, Lockheed Martin performed a number of assessments to define and gauge the extent of the plume area within the site. During this time of definition, Lockheed Martin periodically produced and distributed assessments of groundwater contamination at and around the former ABC facility. These various assessments then determined the focus of remediation efforts to follow.

Explore the assessments below:

Site Assessment Report Addendums
Site Assessment Report Addendums (SARA) estimate the presence and extent of contaminants of concern in subsurface soil and groundwater in the vicinity of the former ABC facility. Explore all of the SARAs Lockheed Martin developed since the start of remediation efforts in Tallevast.

Additional Assessments
Whether measuring groundwater contamination or measuring environmental health impacts for Tallevast residents, Lockheed Martin has produced and distributed a continuous string of scientific assessments of the area surrounding the former ABC facility. Explore a list of all other assessments Lockheed Martin has commissioned for the community of Tallevast.