Naval Systems

Ready for anything,
since that’s what the next mission could be.

As technology grows and adversaries become more sophisticated, naval dominance, missile defense and nuclear deterrence must evolve to meet these new threats. To effectively defend our nation and allies, Lockheed Martin is providing the U.S. Navy and international navies with the solutions they need to maintain freedom of the seas and deter aggression.

Meeting Challenging Missions

Our naval systems and technologies enable the U.S. Navy to accomplish a diverse set of missions in the air, on the sea’s surface, beneath the surface, in space and on land.

Air Defense
The F-35C Lightning II will bring enhanced 5th Generation capabilities to the Naval Aviators of today and tomorrow. Its stealth and sensor fusion capabilities are a force multiplier, greatly increasing lethality and situational awareness for the entire Carrier Strike Group.

Surface Combat
To ensure the U.S. Navy’s maritime dominance, we provide the surface Navy with a broad portfolio of capabilities including ships, aircraft, manned and unmanned systems, projectiles and sensors.

Undersea Warfare
With an increased emphasis on the world’s undersea operational environment, our sonar technologies and combat system integration are vital to undersea mission success.

We are providing the next generation of platforms and systems that will deliver supplies, transport troops and manage logistics for deployed forces in remote areas.

Global Partners

As navies around the world create an integrated network of defense systems to meet national security goals, we're partnering with local industry to ensure technology and skills transfer, collaboration and investment.


Combat system deployed on more than 100 ships across eight ship classes and six navies


Primary naval helicopter for the U.S., Australia and Denmark

Submarine Combat Systems

Submarine Combat Systems Integration
Integrated more than 100 systems worldwide for eight countries

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Air, Sea and UnderSea Systems

Whether stopping a ballistic missile threat, or providing humanitarian aid after a natural disaster, our Navy service members are there to respond. Our systems and platforms transport them safely and help them to do their jobs.

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Focusing on Distributed Lethality

Imagine a ship at sea—a frigate, a destroyer, or even an amphib—all alone, yet connected to the vast firepower of the U.S. Navy. With eyes in the air, in space, and over the horizon—this solitary ship can project power or mount a strong defense against missile, air and surface attack. No access denied, no sea lane closed. That’s distributed lethality.