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An Identifiable Leader in Biometrics

It helps travelers with vetted backgrounds move through expedited security lines at airports. It enables law enforcement to indisputably link perpetrators with the crimes they’ve committed and it facilitates civil agency background checks. It’s something that allows first responders to be given immediate access to an incident scene — and to be routed to exactly where they’re needed. It protects our ports, federal buildings and precious government resources by only giving access to individuals whose identities have been carefully scrutinized and verified. 

The common thread between these different initiatives is biometrics. And in each instance, Lockheed Martin has been a leader in bringing these programs to bear through the skilled development and integration of this important technology.

Using Biometrics: A Clear Advantage
In today’s world, an person’s unique identity is their best protection. 

Thanks to biometric technology, people don’t have to worry about forgetting a password or carrying multiple forms of identification. Things just got a little bit easier.

For our customers, biometric technology translates to absolute assurance — the confidence that comes from using technology that’s pin-point precise. Thanks to the unique data that biometrics-based systems use, someone’s identity can be verified with the most irrefutable, unalterable information available — all by scanning an iris, using facial recognition software, running a fingerprint, or matching DNA.

Our customers trust us with ensuring that the people who are accessing sensitive information, entering buildings, getting on airplanes, or working in and around the ports can be trusted.

For our law enforcement and intelligence customers, biometrics provides a crucial method for identifying persons of interest. We help them link that biometrics information with intelligence data from multiple other sources, helping to quickly identify and verify potential threats. 

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Why Lockheed Martin?

  • The big-picture view – we look at the whole system and integrate the best components
  • Customized solutions – there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to what we offer
  • Efficiency – We work with our customers’ existing infrastructure to maximize cost effectiveness
  • Experience – On programs that are critical, not just to our customers but to the security of our nation and the safety of our citizens.