Cyber Security Alliance


The Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance Partners:


The Vision
At Lockheed Martin, cyber security is more than a core competency.  We understand it, we apply it, and more importantly, we integrate and embed it into every solution we deliver.  Through our Cyber Security Alliance, we’ve brought together the right team, the right processes, and the right technologies to provide our customers with mission resilient systems. And seamless security.
    The Challenge
The current cyber security threat is driven by highly motivated individuals and groups ranging from organized crime and syndicates to terrorist organizations and nation states. In their search for political, technological or economic gain, they launch advanced persistent attacks that can occur repeatedly over a period of years, and use sophisticated approaches and social engineering.
    The Solution
The Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance members collaborate on customer-focused solutions, experiments, and end-to-end systems integration pilot programs to help provide early threat detection, protection, and multi-layer self-healing capabilities to solve customers’ difficult problems and meet future challenges.

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