Security in the Systems Engineering Life Cycle

At Lockheed Martin, we believe that security engineering and secure software engineering activities should be integrated into the systems engineering life cycle from concept to retirement. We follow a structured yet agile and tailorable approach to planning, requirements definitions, systems architecture & design, systems development and integration, verification and validation, deploying, maintaining, and retiring secure solutions.

Lockheed Martin’s extensive experience with the federal government, military agencies and intelligence, civil, and international communities, coupled with our mature systems engineering, security engineering, and secure software engineering practices provide the technical and analytical support necessary to ensure an integrated approach to mission assurance.

Industry Recognition
Lockheed Martin is a member of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Pro Network. SDL is the industry-leading software security assurance process created by Microsoft and proven effective since 2004.  The SDL Pro Network is a group of security consultants, training companies, and tool providers that specialize in application security and have substantial experience and expertise with the methodology and technologies of the SDL. Lockheed Martin focuses not just on software assurance, but overall mission assurance.

Security Engineering Services:

•    Security & Privacy Risk Assessments
•    Security Engineering
•    Secure Software Engineering
•    Penetration Testing
•    Product Evaluation
•    Vulnerability Scans
•    Fuzz Testing
•    Secure Code Reviews
•    Threat Modeling
•    Certification and Accreditation
•    Security Awareness, Training, and Education
•    IA Auditing
•    IA Management
•    Security Compliance Reviews
•    Red and Blue Team Testing
•    Disaster Recover Planning

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