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Security Intelligence Center

What is a Security Intelligence Center?


Today’s evolving threat landscape demands that critical infrastructure industries mature from a reactive cybersecurity posture to a proactive – if not predictive—posture.


A Security Intelligence Center (SIC) is a dedicated function equipped to create, consume, and analyze actionable intelligence to defend the enterprise against advanced threats including broad-based, opportunistic, hacktivism, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks.


A SIC evolves beyond a traditional response-based Security Operations Centers (SOC) to leverage threat intelligence in alignment with Intelligence Driven Defense® principles and strengthen the organization’s posture beyond best practices. Lockheed Martin has unique capabilities developed from years of analyzing adversaries to stay ahead of the next move.


Lockheed Martin SICs


The security and integrity of Lockheed Martin’s systems are vital, both to its own mission and to the national security infrastructure. Sophisticated and stealthy APTs are seeking economic and competitive advantage. Lockheed Martin has made significant investments in people, processes, and technology to ensure the resiliency of its systems and the ability to meet the security challenges of our government, commercial customers, and large computing enterprises.


Dedicated and experienced security professionals—and the opening of four SIC facilities around the globe—enable Lockheed Martin to offer the following capabilities:

  • Focus on risk-based solutions that prioritize threats, risks, and vulnerabilities
  • Integrate robust, seamless, and end-to-end defense solutions

Security Intelligence Centers for Commercial Markets


Why you need SOC services:


Cyberattacks have become significantly more sophisticated, advanced, and persistent in recent years with a goal to steal corporate intellectual property or cause a denial of service that may cost tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Unfortunately, most corporations don’t fully realize their areas of vulnerability or how best to protect their enterprise. Continuing to invest in commercial IT products will not win the war against sophisticated cyber threats.


We can help:

  • Evaluate current security posture and opportunity for growth
  • Provide context around the types of cyberattacks likely to occur
  • Identify proactive and predictive options to reduce risk
  • Improve cyber maturity


Delivering solutions:


A comprehensive, immediate, and sustainable approach to cybersecurity that will improve our client’s competitive position and defensive resiliency

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  • Leverage pattern recognition and predictive analysis to identify and prevent otherwise unknown threats
  • Protect core process functionality, even during an active attack

Our focus on an intelligence driven response provides us the resiliency to bounce back from a successful intrusion and continue gathering new levels of actionable intelligence. Protection of our vast enterprise resources requires the collection, analysis, and management of four types of information:

  • 1.75 Billion security-relevant log events
  • 200 terabytes of full-packet capture storage for potential future forensic analysis
  • 300 million Web requests per day (1.2 million blocked as malicious)
  • 30 million emails (28 million of which are SPAM)


Lockheed Martin has extensive experience with highly sophisticated APTs, and has developed state-of-the art methods to identify and counter these sophisticated attacks against our enterprise. 


Start with intelligence and use it to combat your enemies

Learn from Lockheed Martin’s trademarked methods to defend against advanced threats.

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