Electronic Waste Stewardship

As a premier IT provider and an employer of men and women around the world, we are committed to having a positive influence on the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that is responsibly recycled. We are committed to e-waste stewardship, which   aligns with our largest customer’s commitment to the responsible recycling of used electronics. The federal government requires U.S. agencies to reuse electronics as much as possible and dispose of broken products via a certified e-waste recycler under R2 or e-Stewards.

We are improving our internal e-waste processes; educating employees about e-waste; and extending the message through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to increase the responsible recycling of e-waste. Our achievements include:

Improving internal processes and influencing the supply chain

  • We partnered with e-waste recycling vendors to ensure that used electronics are responsibly managed. E-Stewards certification is a contract requirement for our e-waste vendors. All of our e-waste recycling vendors are e-Stewards certified.
  • The Basel Action Network recognizes us as an e-Stewards Enterprise.
  • E-waste recycling helps us reach our Go Green 2020 targets, which include reducing our waste to landfill by 35%.

Educating employees

  • Employees have recycled approximately 80,000 pounds of their personal household e-waste at collection events at our sites. We continue to offer annual collection events at sites.

Extending the message to the next generation

  • We partnered with the Miami University (Ohio) Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute to develop a teaching aid for Android devices to educate students on issues and opportunities related to e-waste.


E-waste Teaching Aid for Android

The free teaching aid for Android devices contains:

  • E-waste Defined: Products that are considered e-waste after the end of their useful life, and issues and opportunities related to e-waste.
  • What’s in E-waste?: Materials in e-waste, including Hazardous Materials, Valuable Materials, Recyclable Plastics and Reusable Materials
  • Recycling Game: Quickly put the various materials in e-waste into their proper category.

Contact: ewasterecycling.lm@lmco.com


Scan this code using a QR code scanner on your Android device to download a free mobile teaching aid about e-waste



E-waste brochure
Our commitment and strategy related to e-waste recycling and stewardship.


We announced our commitment to e-waste stewardship at the Corporate EcoForum Rio +20 UN Conference on Environment and Development.

Our e-waste recycling vendors are required to be certified via e-Stewards.