Safety and Health


At Lockheed Martin, sustainability begins with a human touch, empowering people with resources to protect and enhance their lives. From our employees and contractors to visitors and neighbors, we immerse ourselves in a culture deeply committed to uncompromising safety, health and wellness. It creates an efficient work environment that improves business performance and boosts employee morale.

A Safety State of Mind

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. And to us, it’s a top priority. With a target set at zero workplace injuries, we maintain safe workplaces, stress accountability, assess and control risks beyond compliance, and require a demonstrated safety commitment at all levels of the Corporation. Our commitment to safety focuses on employee education and performance measurement, return-to-work programs, behavior-based safety processes and participation in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program.

Safety at Its Best

Safety permeates throughout the entire Corporation, with individual facilities, work teams and employees designing and implementing site-specific solutions.

  • More than 7,500 employees are active members of employee safety teams at Lockheed Martin sites nationwide.
  • All of our business lines use the Lockheed Martin Standard Injury and Illness (LMSII) online reporting tool to document and thoroughly investigate injuries and illnesses from start to finish. This tool helps us analyze root causes and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence.  We also use a “close call” reporting tool that allows us to identify and correct hazards before they result in injury or damage.
  • An interactive ergonomics tool is available at all workstations, allowing employees to conduct workplace self-assessments, schedule expert ergonomics evaluations, request proper equipment and more. An internal ergonomics website offers best practices, activities and industry resources, as well as a networking forum of Lockheed Martin ergonomics practitioners to share lessons learned.

We recently launched an ergonomics pilot program to assess high-risk areas. Hourly employees receive training in ergonomics principles, hazards recognition and correction/prevention. Certified ergonomics professionals coach participants to focus on the right opportunities and implement required corrective actions.

Risk Assessment/Mitigation

Safety is dependent on assessing and controlling risks. At Lockheed Martin, we go beyond compliance.

We conduct annual risk assessments. Then, we carefully develop and implement mitigation plans for high-risk areas and track them to closure. We embrace the hierarchy of controls, reduce inherent hazards (where possible) and implement personal protective equipment, as needed. 



Learn more about our Target Zero initiative.


Harmony in Healthy Living

A healthy business begins with healthy employees. We are committed to providing the tools, resources and environment to support optimum health and well-being among our employees and their dependents, while ensuring the highest levels of protection and respect for privacy and confidentiality.

In 2010, we launched the LM HealthWorks Plan that makes it easier for our people – despite age and wellness level – to make positive choices for their health. All employees have access to a host of free, health-related programs, including free onsite flu shots, onsite Wellness Centers and more.

Our corporate headquarters features a half-mile fitness trail uniquely built from recycled tires. The trail conserves natural resources and minimizes waste, while providing access to a pleasing ecological environment for employees and visitors to pursue a healthy lifestyle.