Our Commitment


"Our commitment to energy, environment, safety and health is vital to improving operational performance and enhancing reputational value for our stakeholders."

- Carol B. Cala, vice president, Corporate Energy, Environment, Safety and Health

Natural resources, energy, climate change, social issues and economic pressures are often closely interconnected. These global challenges are an integral part of our mission, driving innovations that protect employees, save lives, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize environmental impacts.

We are committed to facing these complex challenges head on, promoting innovation and responsible growth while contributing to a more sustainable future for our employees, communities and shareholders.

By integrating energy, environment, safety and health (ESH) considerations into our operations and business practices, we create value by decreasing business risks and identifying opportunities while increasing the productivity, efficiency and quality of our employees’ work environment.

In keeping with key objectives to protect, enhance, optimize and simplify, our strategic focus areas guide our actions to ensure effective execution of our ESH mission. 

Demonstrating Functional Excellence