A former rocket-fuel plant in the region ceased operations in 1974, but work continues to mitigate disposal practices that occurred decades ago and were approved at the time.

Monitoring wells have been installed on the site itself, and Lockheed Martin has funded replacement wells for the city of Loma Linda.

Lockheed Martin has worked closely with Loma Linda to ensure that the city has replacement water for its residents when it was discovered that their wells had been impacted.


We continue to work with the city of Riverside to ensure that it has all the tools to protect its citizens and provide clean water. In the city of Redlands, we continue to work with city officials to replace wells impacted by the former facility.

As efforts to address contamination from the site have been underway, the Corporation has reached out to the community in several ways, including sponsorship of Space Day programs in an elementary school in one of Riverside's most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

At the same time, Lockheed Martin has worked diligently with local officials to keep communities involved in the cleanup projects.