For more than 60 years, Lockheed Martin has proudly partnered with the Belgian military and its industrial partners on a variety of programs and capabilities.  Today, this relationship continues to grow as Lockheed Martin and Belgium explore new areas for collaboration outside of the traditional defense market.

Lockheed Martin programs in Belgium include:

C-130- This aircraft serves as the bulwark of Belgium’s strategic airlift capabilities.  With the original purchase in 1972, Belgium has pioneered numerous innovative techniques including extremely low-level cargo drops.

F-16- Belgium is one of four countries that originally launched the international co-production of the F-16 and opened the first European F-16 assembly line in 1978. Belgium industry has proven to be instrumental on the F-16 program including Belgium contractors SABCA, SONACA, Techspace Aero and MBLE.

Fixed Wing SensorsA longstanding customer of Fixed Wing products, Belgium originally flew LANTIRN pods and ordered eight Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods in 2007. Sniper is now enhancing Belgian Air Force capability in operations in Libya and Afghanistan, significantly increasing situational awareness and providing substantial ISR capabilities.

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