From tactical radars to tactical airlifters, Lockheed Martin has a proud history helping Chile solve its most challenging defense and national security needs.  Today, Lockheed Martin continues to develop opportunities for cooperation in the Chilean defense sector as well as in the broader civil sector.  Training, information technology, infrastructure security, and sovereignty awareness reflect the advanced opportunities and areas for future partnerships.

Major programs include:

Block 50 F-16s- In 2000, Chile purchased 10 new F-16 fighters and acquired 18 additional F-16s from the Netherlands, making the Chilean Air Force one of the most capable powers in the region.

C-130- Chile is a valued C-130 operating partner and as the world’s most flexible airlifter, the Chilean Air Force has a proven airlift platform.

P-3 Orion- As the world standard in maritime patrol and reconnaissance, the P-3 provides valuable maritime surveillance service, monitoring Chile’s expansive coastline.