Denmark, from the C-130 Hercules to the TPS-77 long-range radar. In addition, Denmark is a partner in Lockheed Martin’s global supply chain.  We work closely with local companies such as Danish Aerotech, Terma, Systematic, Corena, Falckschmidt and Damco to maintain the global supply chain on programs such as the F-35 Lightning II and the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Lockheed Martin is currently offering, as a member of Team Seahawk, the MH-60R to the Royal Danish Navy as part of a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) by the U.S. Navy.

Major programs include:

F-35- Denmark participated in the Systems Development and Demonstration phase as a Level 3 partner and in the Production, Sustainment and Follow-on Development phase.

C-130- In 2000, Denmark procured three C-130Js to replace its aging fleet of C-130Hs from 1975. A fourth C-130J was delivered in 2007.

F-16- Denmark began operating F-16s in 1980 and continually upgrades its aircraft through Mid-Life Updates (MLU).

LANTIRN ER - These targeting pods enable Danish pilots to operate worldwide, in daylight or darkness, at mission altitudes from sea level to 40,000 feet.

F-35 EOTS - Embedded in the F-35, EOTS is the latest generation infrared sensor technology that provides high-resolution imagery, automatic tracking, infrared-search-and-track, laser designation and range-finding, and laser spot tracking at greatly increased standoff ranges.


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