Lockheed Martin enjoys a long-standing, close relationship with the Portuguese armed forces.  For example, in 2000, Portugal joined Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Belgium as a member of the European Participating Governments (EPG), sharing support and modernization efforts for the F-16.  Portugal’s OGMA – Industria Aeronáutica de Portugal, SA also serves as a Lockheed Martin-certified C-130 and P-3 service center.

Other major programs include:

F-16- Over the years, Portugal has acquired 40 F-16s, which are in the upgrade process to the latest Mid-Life Update (MLU) configuration.

C-130- Portugal operates six C-130H Hercules transports, which have made important contributions to international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

P-3P Orion- For antisubmarine warfare, maritime patrol and search and rescue, the Portuguese Air Force relies on 11 P-3P Orions, which Portugal recently contracted Lockheed Martin to re-wing and refurbish.



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