Lockheed Martin partners with Romania on a variety of programs and capabilities ranging from radars to tactical aircraft.  Industrial partnerships include the manufacturing of Gap Filler radars, which are complementary to the long range FPS-117 radar.

Air Sovereignty Operation Centers (ASOC)- As an original signatory of the regional air sovereignty agreement developed by the United States, Romania uses Lockheed Martin’s ASOC and regular updates.

National Air Command and Control System (SCCAN)- This system provides air defense command and control capabilities for the Romanian Air Force, assuring interoperability with NATO systems.

FPS-117- These long-range radars provided ASOC / SCCAN with the data needed for air surveillance and en route air traffic control at altitudes over 3,000 meters.

TPS-79(R) Multi-Mission Surveillance Radar- In 2011, Romania received this radar known for its performance, high availability, survivability and mobility.

C-130 Hercules- Romanian C-130s were recently upgraded to H+ standards for a variety of missions.

SIMIN- This system provides not only precise meteorological forecasts in time and space, but also other specific data for Civil Defence, air traffic control and the National Anti-Hail System.

DESWAT- Romania experiences severe flooding, resulting in human losses and millions of dollars in economic damages. DESWAT helps forecast floods in Romania’s river basins.

Vessel Traffic Management- This systems is a back-up for the Port of Constanta, providing comprehensive coastal surveillance as well as an improved border surveillance system.



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