Lockheed Martin established a wholly owned subsidiary in Spain, Lockheed Martin España S.A. Today, after more than ten years in Spain, Lockheed Martin España continues to grow its relationships with Spanish industry, together pursuing new opportunities in global markets.

Through a current partnership with Navantia, Lockheed Martin is developing an integrated combat system for the Spanish Armada’s S-80 diesel electric submarines. Lockheed Martin will team with Navantia in selling this submarine and combat system to international customers.

Major programs include:

C-130 Hercules: The Spanish Air Force contracted for four C-130Hs in 1972 and since has expanded to include six C-130Hs, 1 C-130H-30 and five KC-130Hs.

P-3 Orion: The Spanish Air Force began operating P-3 Orions in 1973 with three P-3A Deltic Orions from the United States Navy. They added five ex RNoAF P-3B Orions 1988.

Aegis Combat System- The Spanish Navy uses the Aegis combat system, SPY-1D radar and Mk 41 Vertical Launch System on its F-100 class frigates. The collaborative success of this project led to Norway selecting the Aegis Combat System for its new frigates.

Navantia’s Dorna Gun System- This system was selected as the baseline for Lockheed Martin’s Littoral Combat Ship program.

Atlas II AS Rockets- These Lockheed Martin rockets placed telecommunications satellites Hispasat 1C and Hispasat D satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

Proton/ Breeze M Rocket- This rocket launched the Hispasat Amazonas satellite

EMACON Management- Lockheed Martin provides the Spanish Military Joint Staff with EMACON management, a software solution for the management of logistics resources. SAVI RFID technology is a key component.

Deepwater Program- EADS-CASA was selected to supply its CN-235 Aircraft for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft (HC-144A) for Deepwater.


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