Product Impact


As a system integrator, our company finds ways to continually improve the efficiency and functionality of bringing together different subsystems and software for critical customer missions.


Our focus on performance and sustainability ensures safe, reliable, affordable products that support our customers’ missions of national security, citizen services and sustainable development.


Embedding sustainability into our systems and products is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Our 60,000 scientists, engineers and information technology professionals develop a broad portfolio of products and solutions for national defense, cyber security, logistics and energy. This portfolio supports global advanced infrastructure that provides national security and citizen services.

Customers measure our value through product quality, cost and reliability. We consider their needs first and foremost, and factor in our products’ impact on society and the environment. We build safety and sustainability into each phase of the product life cycle, from design to disposal.

Our latest assessment of sustainability issues identified five prioritized factors for which we set goals: product safety, product total cost of ownership, portfolio relevancy, global infrastructure needs, and counterfeit components.

We also identified one factor on the horizon: product eco-innovation.


core issue factors

Product safety

Every step of our design and manufacturing process has safety and quality checks to ensure that the use of our products, systems, subsystems, software, and services does not pose uncontrolled and unacceptable risks to our customers, users, employees, subcontractors, facility infrastructure, or the general public.

Portfolio relevancy

Efforts to ensure that product capabilities are closely aligned to current and future customer requirements and will enable customers to achieve security, stability, and growth objectives.

Product eco-innovation

We develop and enhance our products taking into account material efficiency, reusability, and use-phase emissions and energy consumption considerations throughout design and development. 

Product total cost of ownership

We aim to lower total cost of ownership for customers by implementing affordability and operability improvements in areas including product quality, efficiency, performance, resilience, and sustainment. Making our products more affordable without compromising quality and performance accelerates the value we deliver to customers. 

Global infrastructure needs

We bring innovative products to market that contribute to the growth of advanced infrastructure—delivery of reliable energy, clean water, sanitation, communications, logistics and mobility—that is central to sustainable development, future resiliency and national security efforts.

Counterfeit components

Efforts to prevent counterfeit components from entering the company's supply chain and potentially affecting product quality, safety, and performance.

from the sea to space
From sea to space, we innovate products that serve industries as diverse as aerospace, military, utilities, financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunications. We support customers who uphold national security, invest in advanced technologies and maintain global infrastructure.