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Lockheed Martin Positions Aegis-derived Agile Combat System for International Navies

As Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Combat System completed back-to-back successful test missions – FTM-21 and FTM-22 – and proved its reliability, the next generation  Aegis-derived Combat System, the Lockheed Martin Agile Combat System,  is poised for international navies to use aboard light surface combatants.

Following the pedigree of the COMBATSS-21 system aboard the Lockheed Martin Freedom-variant littoral combat ship, the Agile Combat System has evolved from the Aegis system that protects millions worldwide. The Agile Combat System takes the command and decision, and display modules from the Aegis system, scales it down, and is deployable in small platforms, from Command Supply ships, to multi-mission light combatants.  The Agile Combat System contains combat management components that provide air and surface radar, electronic warfare systems and anti-submarine warfare systems among the sensors and armament factors.


The scalable framework is part of an open architecture structure that provides interoperability and functionality with other systems in the Aegis family of combat management, as well as providing savings across the fleet with diminished training and through life support costs.

“This combat system will provide seamless integration of warfare capabilities at an affordable price for navy customers worldwide,” said Doug Wilhelm, director of International Programs for Lockheed Martin’s Integrated Warfare Systems & Sensors line of business. “This software builds upon the major characteristics and capabilities of Aegis and offers a cost-effective, smaller footprint to accommodate operational, combat and space requirements.”

The Aegis Combat System is a staple of six navies around the globe and is present on more than 100 ships.

Posted October 7, 2013