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As they re-adjust to civilian life after defending our freedom, they could use our help.

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Please join us in support of our annual Homerun for Heroes event to benefit veterans.

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A thank you to all that serve.

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, and the Teamsters Local 1150 Union invite you to participate the Tenth Annual Homerun for Heroes (“HRH”) event to benefit veterans.

This annual event honors the service of our military veterans and raises funds for local veterans’ causes. Over the first nine years of the event, HFH has donated over a half of a million dollars to veterans causes, taken over 1,000 veterans and their families to an annual baseball game, honored Connecticut Gold Star Families, secured the support of over 100 sponsoring businesses, provided wholesome entertainment to thousands, established and grown a relationship with the community, and has continued our commitment to care for our warfighters during and after their service.

Benefitting from the event are four local organizations: Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (helping local veterans with legal issues), the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation (an organization founded at Sikorsky to honor and recognize the families of those who have fallen in the service of our country), the Harkness House (a Columbus House program that provides housing and support services to Veterans who are homeless), and Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes ( a community-based transitional home dedicated to homeless female Veterans and their children).

Due to COVID-19, HFH will not sponsor a baseball game this year; however, we will continue to support our veterans through generous sponsors, like you, and we look forward to next year’s baseball game.

Thank you for your support.

Columbus House/Harkness House

Connecticut Fallen Heroes

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center

Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes