Meet Our Scholars

Meet Our Scholars
August 30, 2022

Meet Ty

Four years ago, Lockheed Martin launched a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) scholarship program and awarded 200 students with $10,000 scholarships. Ty was one of them.

A Pueblo Community College student in Colorado at the time, Ty had a passion for mechanical engineering and a dream of transferring to the Colorado School of Mines, one of the nation’s top engineering universities. Lockheed Martin’s STEM scholarship offered him the ability to finish his studies and support his family. In 2020, Ty’s last year at school, he applied to be a systems engineering intern with Lockheed Martin. At the beginning of this year, with his bachelor’s degree in hand, he applied and accepted an offer to be a full-time mechanical engineer working on the Fleet Ballistic Missile program. 

Meet Kalista


This year, Kalista was awarded a Lockheed Martin STEM scholarship. A second-year student at Iowa State, Kalista says this scholarship is motivating her to pursue engineering even though she’s often the only woman in the room.

“It can be discouraging,” she said. “However, knowing that Lockheed Martin wholeheartedly supports me in my pursuit of engineering education is a wonderful feeling, and one that I carry with me even when I get discouraged.”

Meet JT


The Lockheed Martin Vocational scholarship is a first-of-its-kind program geared towards individuals participating in skills-based training in engineering, technology and advanced manufacturing fields.

“As an adult who was out of school for 24 years, deciding to return was not easy at all,” JT said. “Working full-time, providing for my family, while trying to pay for school is very hard.”

Lockheed Martin’s vocational scholarship has lightened JT’s load and provided him the opportunity to dream big about career aspirations.

Meet Charles


Charles is a full-time employee at Lockheed Martin, like Ty. While pursuing an associate degree in advanced manufacturing technology from Calhoun Community College in Alabama, the COVID-19 pandemic took away Charles’ primary source of income. He struggled financially like millions of Americans have over the past two years.

“The Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship paid for my final two semesters,” he said. “It helped me afford all of the necessary books and equipment, and also provided me a cushion to help with living and transportation expenses.” Read more from Charles here.

Note: The awarding of scholarships is made possible in coordination with Scholarship America.

Do you know the next scholar? Applications will open in January 2023. 

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