World-Class Tactical Air & Missile Defense

TLVS: Layered Air and Missile Defense

Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem or “TLVS,” is Germany’s future Air and Missile Defense (AMD) system. Using the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) as its foundation, TLVS will defeat next-generation threats including tactical ballistic missiles, unmanned aerial systems, cruise missiles and aircraft. Its proven hit-to-kill technology provides the best defense against tactical ballistic missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction. With its netted-distributed capability and open plug and fight interface, TLVS is the most advanced, networked 360° IAMD system in the world, and it is the only system with the ability to flexibly react to changing threats using force that is tailored to the mission. TLVS will be the first air and missile defense (AMD) system to provide continuous on-the-move protection for maneuver forces, area defense, homeland defense and weighted asset protection. Lockheed Martin is partnered with MBDA Deutschland on the TLVS program. Formal TLVS contract negotiations are ongoing in Germany.

360-Degree Protection

TLVS defeats cruise missiles, TBMs and air-breathing threats attacking from any direction, with no blind spots.

Transportability and Mobility

Lightweight, efficient TLVS Major End Items need less strategic and tactical transport. TLVS is C-130/A400M transportable and has excellent cross-country mobility on ground.

Netted-Distributed Architecture with Plug-and-Fight

TLVS provides operational flexibility to tailor battle elements using distributed sensors, launchers and tactical operations centers (TOCs). Through its plug-and-fight capability, TLVS sensors, effectors or other TOCs simply act as nodes on the TLVS network. A commander can dynamically add or subtract elements without shutting the system down. A standardized interface extends plug-and- fight to non-TLVS elements. This flexibility is unprecedented for ground-based AMD systems.


Designed for coalition fighting, TLVS shares communications with external sensors and data links such as airborne C3 systems, ACCS, SAMOC, AEGIS, THAAD and Patriot.

Survivability and Sustainability

TLVS defends the force and defends itself. High off-road mobility, dispersion, and availability provide additional protection for the system. ECM resistance and distributed workload increase survivability. Graceful degradation and optimized on-board provisions result in high operational availability. Diagnostics minimize downtime and reduce resources to sustain fielded systems for extended periods.

Lower Operation and Sustainment Costs

Advanced logistic design and reliability reduce cost of ownership. No maintenance company is required. Using its 360-degree defensive capability, advanced radars and PAC-3 MSE missile, TLVS defends up to eight times the coverage area with far fewer system assets and significantly reduces demand for deployed personnel and equipment, which reduces demand for airlift.

Additional Information

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Media Relations
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To deliver Germany’s future integrated air and missile defense system, Lockheed Martin has created the TLVS Joint Venture (TLVS GmbH) together with its German industry partner MBDA Deutschland.  

Visit MBDA’s website to learn more.