Mission Ready Minute

Mission Ready Minute

At Lockheed Martin, we're focused on delivering innovative sustainment solutions to keep our customers' aircraft mission ready anytime and anywhere. Our Mission Ready Minute video series highlights how we're partnering with our customers across the sustainment spectrum to ensure the flight line is our center of gravity.


Episode 1

Answering Your Burning Sustainment Questions

We sat down with Sustainment Operations Vice President Bruce Litchfield and asked him your burning questions in the video below.

Bruce shares his thoughts on why the flight line is the center of gravity and how we’re supporting the warfighter with more readiness through advanced technology and innovative capabilities at less cost.

Episode 2

A Skunk's Perspective on Mission Readiness

In this second installment of our Mission Ready Minute series, we asked Atherton Carty, Technology Roadmaps Director at Skunk Works®, what being mission ready means to him, and how Skunk Works plays an important role in keeping our customers’ aircraft mission ready.   

Episode 3

You Can't Fly Without Supply

Across the sustainment value stream, Supply Chain Management plays a critical role in mission readiness. Janet Duffey, vice president of Supply Chain Management, shares her perspective in the third installment of our Mission Ready Minute series.  

Initiatives in predictive health and reliability, data analytics, velocity in supporting a global supply chain, depot repair partnerships and effective engineering support are just a few ways we are working together across functions and programs to deliver more mission readiness at less cost for our customers.

Episode 4

Engineering with Sustainment in Mind

In this episode of Mission Ready Minute, Aeronautics Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Ron Bessire, discusses how we're engineering our platforms with sustainment in mind and providing critical mission readiness to our customers.

Episode 5

Keeping the F-35 Mission Ready

At military bases across the world, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics employees are partnering with our customers to sustain the F-35.

In this fifth installment of Mission Ready Minute, Ryan "BK" Breitkreutz, F-35 Operations Site Lead at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, shares how employees at the base are focused on delivering more readiness to our U.S. Air Force customer.