Meet Darkstar's Creators


Lockheed Martin conceptual designers, engineers and aircraft model developers work each day to bring aircraft concepts for today and tomorrow to life. These aircraft support critical global security missions and advance the future of aviation and technology.

We partnered with the Top Gun: Maverick film’s creative team to collaborate on bringing our expertise in hypersonic capabilities and aircraft design to the big screen.


Meet Jim

As a conceptual designer, Jim gets to merge his artistic and technical skills on a daily basis. When the Top Gun: Maverick team needed a head-turning design to feature in the film, Jim was ready to deliver and Darkstar was born.

Meet Jason and Lucio

Lucio builds air vehicle models as a laboratory mechanic, converting conceptual drawings into reality. Jason is a radio frequency engineer overseeing the procurement, assembly, and production of parts on the shop floor. Together, they worked quickly to meet the need to have a realistic aircraft model with a working cockpit, developing a functional piece of art for the film.

Meet Becky

As a mechanical engineer, Becky designs full-scale air vehicle models. In partnership with the Top Gun team, Becky was responsible for building the Darkstar vehicle, including a forebody model with a functional cockpit for an iconic actor. Throughout filming, she kept the model structurally sound and worthy of its pilot. 




Behind the Scenes

Just like most Skunk Works projects, the team supporting the film and the development of the Darkstar aircraft continued their work in secrecy. Our Skunks worked with the film production team to understand their needs, then quietly worked on the design and build until the concept was revealed to the world in the film.

Advancing Speed with Hypersonic Capabilities

Darkstar may not be real, but its capabilities are. Hypersonic technology, or the ability to travel at 60 miles per minute or faster, is a capability our team continues to advance today by leveraging more than 30 years of hypersonic investments and development and testing experience. The mission is to defend and protect our nation and allies with the discriminator of speed.  

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