Ground Entry Test Evaluation and Monitoring System (GETEMS)


The GETEMS (Ground Entry Test, Evaluation & Monitoring System) suite comprises a Remote Radio Interface Unit and a Monitoring & Evaluation Unit. These may be co-located or geographically separate, connected via an appropriate and secure customer network infrastructure.


Remote Radio Interface Unit (RRIU)

The self-contained RRIU provides the necessary infrastructure to support remote radio units (e.g. MIDS LVT, ISR datalinks, G/A/G voice) including a host computer offering local control and status monitoring, ETR capable GPS/PTTI receiver, V/UHF and HF radio transceivers, all antennas and VOIP for remote MIDS Voice. The RRIU may be procured and operated on a standalone basis as a remote unit for radio downlinks.

“A modular, scalable and extensible solution utilising proven, ‘best-of-breed’ COTS products”


Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (MEU)

The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit provides a central node for geographically remote operation of radio terminal subsystems, including software, discretes and crypto keying/rekeying. The MEU capability can also be integrated with the COUGAR tactical data processor, to provide a multilink C2 node.

Key Features

  • Initialisation Data Preparation, including Network Design import and monitoring
  • Remote Terminal Initialisation, Control, Monitoring and Recording
  • User Configurable, intuitive Tactical Situational Awareness Displays
  • Platform message implementation IO validation and evaluation
  • User configurable audio and/or visual alerting
  • Network Usage and Frequency Clearance Compliance Monitoring
  • Recording, Playback & Analysis
  • SIMPLE interface
  • JREAP-C interface
  • Growth Options
  •  Link 16 Simulation
  • Comprehensive network monitoring and active OPNET management functionality
  • ISR Datalink remote terminal interfaces
  • G/A/G Voice


  • Extensible flexible system – cost effective to maintain and upgrade
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities – no need for additional software
  • iSMART pedigree – positive assurance of interoperability

GETEMS Specification

Terminals Supported

  • Multiple UHF/VHF radio types
  • L11 DTS (option)

Growth Options

  • Simulation
  • Dynamic Network Control
  • ISR  Datalinks
  • G/A/G Voice


  • Airborne Capability Option
  • Vehicle Mounted Option

Remote Host Interface

  • STANAG 5602 (SIMPLE)
  • MIL-STD 3011 (JRE)
  • VOIP

Message Standards

Analysis (Test Variant)             

Link 16
MIL-STD 6016C Chg 1
STANAG 5516 Ed1-Ed6 inc

Link 11


MIL-STD 3011

Analysis Capability

  • Real time message sequence
  • Detailed message analysis
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Filtering