JSF Euronet

The JSF EuroNet is a unique service born out of the joint vision of Lockheed Martin and its partners to provide a basis for an improved connectivity capability on the JSF and other programmes. 

The EuroNet service is a high bandwidth ATM circuit operating between LMUK IS at Havant, UK and the United States.  It has been running successfully for eight years now.  It has proven to be highly reliable and has delivered benefits that exceed the original projections. This is important as one of the driving principles for the EuroNet service was the concept that the operating overheads for the Hub were shared across its users and that the benefits derived through economies of scale, increased bargaining power with the Telecomms Service providers etc were passed back to the participants.

As it is, one of our customers on the service have managed to halve their costs whilst tripling their bandwidth and getting better support into the bargain. Now we see continued growth in the customer base with customers increasing their existing bandwidth and with circuits operating accredited to handle classified material.

JSF EuroNet, a capability that will continue to grow and exceed its design expectations in supporting JSF and providing a “level playing field” for partners of all sizes to be able to collaborate and participate in the programme.


Kate Pennington on 023 9244 3381 or e-mail: kate.pennington@lmco.com.