LM-STAR® was developed specifically to implement rapid solutions to customers' support needs, providing fail-safe, cost-effective, and timely testing of customer requirements. Our technology is based upon open software and hardware architectures, allowing quickly configured test solutions - often in a matter of weeks. LM-STAR® is configurable to multi-mission needs, including: radio frequency, electro-optical, electronic warfare, and navigation/communication support. LM-STAR® is adaptable and able to integrate new testing capabilities as they come to market - such as PXI Express (PXIe), synthetic instrumentation, and bus emulation - without affecting test program set (TPS) or tester operation.

The system can also integrate with logistics information systems and web-based support systems. LM-STAR® is a standard system for developing and maintaining avionics for the F-35 Lightning II platform, the F-16 Block 60, F-22, and AH-64D. The system is the hinge pin of the JSF Harmonization Plan. LM-STAR® is used by avionics original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) factories to develop TPSs that will seamlessly transition to depot and field. Our standardized approach on F-35 has already saved the government millions of dollars, with potential to save hundreds of millions of dollars over the life of the program.

Integrated Support - Now and into the Future

  • Transparent transition from factory to field
  • Reduces down time
  • Supports all levels of maintenance
  • Configurable to joint service and OEM needs
  • Networks with a variety of logistics information systems
  • Proven obsolescence management protects TPS investments
  • PC environment with multiple run-time systems
  • Worldwide customer support
  • Optional tools assist in easy re-hosting process and TPS development
  • Deployable configurations available
  • Compliant to DISR
  • Embraces NxTest and emerging technologies