Portable Unit for MIDS Analysis (PUMA)

Lockheed Martin UK - Integrated Systems & Solutions has developed a real-time software capability to control, monitor and record data from a MIDS Low Volume Terminal (LVT) for post test analysis. The Portable Unit for MIDS Analysis (PUMA) was developed for the Typhoon (Eurofighter) MIDS/Link 16 programme, where it is now fully employed on the integration contractor’s platform test rig. However, PUMA is independent of the host platform and will work with any MIDS LVT.

PUMA offers the MIDS/Link 16 Tactical Data Link (TDL) field service engineer or platform integration/system test engineer a capability to independently monitor and control a MIDS LVT for platform test rig or on-board diagnostics and recording purposes. PUMA fulfils the industry standard Stand Alone Control Panel (SACP) and Test Support Recording Device (TSRD) functions via a MIDS LVT’s Ethernet engineering Support Port without the need for connecting to or altering a platform’s host data bus interface configuration.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Windows based operator interface.
  • Establish/monitor Ethernet IP communications with a MIDS LVT via support port.
  • Comprehensive Stand Alone Control Panel (SACP) capabilities, including Initialisation Data control/tailoring functions, such as:
    • Adaptable Parameters (AP).
    • Maintenance Parameters (MP).
    • Initialisation Data preview and edit capabilities.
    • Status Parameter monitoring.
    • Comprehensive DTB and FIM/FOM filtering functions.
    • TSRD support port data recording, i.e. DTBs.

PUMA TSRD recordings provide a user with a capability to record or filter internal MIDS LVT data package transfers, termed Data Transfer Blocks (DTB). The recording of Core-to-TIO DTBs and TIO-to-Core DTBs allows a user to assess the functions of a MIDS LVT that would not ordinarily be recorded via a MIDS LVT’s host data bus interface, e.g. Relative Navigation (RELNAV) performance. PUMA TSRD recordings also provide a capability to simultaneously record or filter selected platform host data bus transfers via Functional Input Messages (FIM) and Functional Output Messages (FOM). Another useful feature is the ability for a user to specify the recording of 2 Status Blocks (of up to 30 words each) at a specified recording rate.

For MIDS/Link 16 platform development and integration purposes, the ability to record DTBs and FIMs/FOMs via a MIDS LVT’s Support Port provides a comprehensive and robust method of recording all MIDS LVT data from a single interface with a single test tool. Furthermore, use of a conventional host data bus analyser with a PUMA tool enables the cross-referencing of recorded data from different MIDS LVT interfaces but with different test tools, therefore assisting a user in determining and resolving platform integration problems that may arise.

As all current MIDS LVT types/variants are specified with an Ethernet Support Port, then PUMA is compatible with any platform equipped with any MIDS LVT.

PUMA is a Microsoft Windows based software application designed to be hosted on a laptop PC for easy portability, although it may be installed on any PC type. It includes an intuitive Windows based Human Computer Interface (HCI) for easy and unambiguous interpretation of functions.

MIDS LVT data (ongoing and initialisation) recorded by PUMA is compatible with other Lockheed Martin UK products, for example it may easily be imported into the Message Analysis and Data Reduction for the Integration of Links (MANDRIL) software tool for detailed and intuitive post test analysis purposes.

Documentation and Training
A comprehensive user guide and on-line help is provided with the application software. Training can be provided upon request, hosted at the customer’s site. Training requires access to a MIDS LVT which must be supplied by the customer.

PUMA has a support website.