Trident Strategic Weapon System

Lockheed Martin UK provides support to the Trident Strategic Weapon System including electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering services and a wide range of programme management, testing, diagnostics, performance analysis and training services. This support is provided onboard the Vanguard class Trident submarines during maintenance periods and at major shore support facilities. LMUK plays a supporting role in the operational readiness of the nation’s nuclear deterrent.

We provide maintenance support, including routine preventative maintenance, repairs, testing and diagnostics, to the five subsystems of the Trident Strategic Weapon System namely Navigation, Fire Control and Guidance, the Missile Launcher and Handling System, the Test Instrumentation System and Performance Analysis Services. Support is also provided to the Trainer-Unique Equipment in the Trident Training Facility.

Additional support staff work alongside and are co-located within the Ministry of Defence Headquarters, Abbey Wood in Bristol.

A permanent engineering team, supported by HMNB Clyde based staff, is located within the Dockyard in Plymouth. This team works on the Strategic Weapon System element of the Long Overhaul Period (Refuelling) of the Trident fleet.

Lockheed Martin UK works jointly with the Ministry of Defence under a Memorandum of Partnership and Code of Conduct with Chief Strategic System Executive to deliver efficient and responsive Trident In-Service Support to the required quality while meeting the numerous programme and cost targets.