UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (UK CATT)


Preparing for mission success in a dynamic operating environment means training for anything.

But live training can be impractical and costly – especially with forces distributed around the world.

That’s where the U.K. Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) demonstrates its value. The world’s largest virtual training system, CATT is a synthetic training facility developed, staffed and run jointly by the Ministry of Defence, Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems.

CATT supports hybrid foundation training and mission-specific training at its two sites in Warminster (United Kingdom) and Sennelager (Germany). Originally designed as a high-intensity battlefield manoeuvre warfare trainer, it has expanded to accommodate the changing nature of operational requirements.

The CATT facility:

  • Links 140 manned simulators and up to 450 participants – so all elements of the battlegroup can practise individual and collective skills.
  • Can support one full battlegroup, four sub-units, or one brigade headquarters.
  • Allows training crews to operate simulated vehicles and aircraft – and interact with computer-generated civilians as well as friendly/enemy forces.
  • Has 70 vehicle-specific simulators, including Challenger 2 MBTs, Warrior AFVs, Scimitar CVR (T), and Warrior Observation Posts, which provide high physical and functional fidelity for training crews.
  • Hosts an additional 70 Generic Vehicle Simulators, desktop devices that replicate surface and air vehicles – from engineer and air defence to attack helicopters and fast-jet air support.
  • Draws from highly detailed geographic databases for maximum realism
  • Offers full after-action review – even of individual incidents – so that participants get the full learning experience.