F-35 Fighter Production System

Tom Simmons
Vice President
Supply Chain Management

As vital members of our supply chain community, we are extremely pleased to make available to you a 10-minute video production describing the intent, the importance, and the central tenets embodied in the Fighter Production System® – the integrated set of techniques and methodologies necessary to manufacture the F-35 at a high delivery rate.

To operate affordably and at peak efficiency, all tiers of the supply network must harmonize along lean principles of waste minimization and the synchronous flow of parts and materials.  The adoption and application of lean thinking in your operations and throughout your supply chain are paramount if we are to successfully execute this program and deliver on our collective commitments.

Throughout the coming months, we will be engaging with you and your team to plan and execute demonstrations of the ability of the enterprise-wide supply chain to achieve a throughput rate of one aircraft per day.  With that goal in mind, you are highly encouraged to distribute widely the below embedded link to not only those within your company who labor diligently on the F-35 program but also to disseminate to your extended supply base along with a recommendation to forward to their suppliers in successive fashion.

Thank you for your continued contributions to the success of the Lightning II and for the demonstrated pride you exhibit with each product delivery.