Space shuttle Endeavour provides 'once-in-a-lifetime' moment for Lockheed Martin employees in Sunnyvale


Tens of thousands watched the sky this morning, as the space shuttle Endeavour soared over the San Francisco Bay Area providing a memory-of-a-lifetime.

At Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, the sidewalks were filled as employees waved goodbye as Endeavour soared across the neighboring Moffett Field runway after flying over Sacramento's Capitol, sailing past the East Bay then looping around San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, supplying an image for the ages.

Cheers roared from the hundreds of employees in Sunnyvale, many of whom worked on the Space Station solar arrays, as they squinted at the horizon, then stared in awe as the shuttle, piggybacked on a 747 jet made a smooth pass over the Moffett Field runway.
It was all over in a couple of minutes but it was a memory to last a lifetime.

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