Lockheed Martin Submits Aegis Ship Integration and Test Proposal for the Next Chapter

Aegis Photo courtesy U.S. Navy.

At the point of delivery for Lockheed Martin’s storied Aegis franchise, the Ship Integration and Test (SI&T) team has 36 years of leadership experience in the integration of all combat system equipment onboard U.S. Navy’s Aegis ships. On Dec. 17, the team submitted its proposal for the next 10-year Aegis SI&T contract, with an award expected in early 2015. 

As the current SI&T provider, Lockheed Martin works in partnership with the U.S. Navy to drive innovation, minimize ship impact and drive cost savings into the fleet. The team is currently implementing this strategy on Aegis Baseline 9 ships, where the upgraded computing and display infrastructure has enhanced sailor efficiency and reduced the overall maintenance impact. To date, the company has successfully integrated and tested 27 Aegis baseline variants on more than 100 Aegis ships, for six navies worldwide.

“The success of any Aegis mission is not possible without the Ship Integration and Test program,” said Jim Sheridan, Director of Aegis U.S. Navy programs. “We have more than a hundred employees who are a crucial part of the design implementation and ensure the physical ship compartments are prepared, the final combat system waterfront testing is complete and the ships are war-ready for deployment.”

Posted January 13, 2014