Lockheed Martin and Cyber Security: Intelligence Driven Defense

Securing networks from invasive threats is one of the fastest-growing challenges facing us today. These network attackers are tenacious and insidious, continually devising unique ways to gain access to secure information. Maintaining impermeable protection is why Lockheed Martin developed an Intelligence-Driven Defense™ security intelligence framework to detect, mitigate and effectively adapt to advanced cyber threats.

Lockheed Martin’s unique intelligence-focused Intelligence-Driven Defense™ approach to cyber security relies on cutting edge technology, vigilant people and innovative processes to comprehensively defend networks from advanced threats. Intelligence-driven computer network defense is a necessity in light of advanced persistent threats. As conventional, vulnerability-focused processes are insufficient, understanding the threat itself, its intent, capability, doctrine, and patterns of operation is required to establish resilience.

Cliff Spier, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions, said, “Protecting our networks and the networks of our customers is our top priority. We stay one-step ahead of our adversaries by quickly recognizing and mitigating problems before they arise in order to protect our corporation and overall, our national security.”

Lockheed Martin’s answer to defeat advanced persistent network threats is the Cyber-Kill ChainTM model, which outlines the critical steps that a sophisticated adversary must take in order to successfully execute a cyber attack. Utilizing custom sensors, Lockheed Martin evaluates the threat landscape and incorporates anomalies into a priority and implementation roadmap tailored to achieve an organization’s most sensitive defensive goals. The intrusion kill chain provides a structure to analyze intrusions, extract indicators and drive defensive courses of actions. Whether large or small, Cyber-Kill ChainTM is poised to react and defeat any intrusion.

“We use data gleaned from the Cyber Kill chain model to better understand how these adversaries operate. The more we know about how they operate, the more we can anticipate their moves,” added Spier.

While cyber attackers look for ways to gain access to systems every day, Lockheed Martin is confident in the integrity of our robust, multi-layered information systems security. The future will bring on new cyber challenges, and Lockheed Martin is committed to delivering solutions that help win the battle in cyberspace.