DIAMONDShield Integrated Air and Ground Based Missile Defense: The Brains Behind the Brawn


As threats continue to evolve around the world, it is pivotal that defensive strategies become integrated, forces become coordinated, and technologies be shared for optimal mission effectiveness. After leveraging expertise developing both missile defense and command and control systems for numerous customers, Lockheed Martin offers an unprecedented solution to this issue, and it is called DIAMONDShieldTM.

DIAMONDShield is a state-of-the-art system that links disparate ground-based missile systems and sensors with air-based theater operations to deliver new levels of performance to address evolving threats. Predicated on Lockheed Martin successes with command & control and missile defense systems currently used in the United States and internationally, this integrated air and missile defense system helps commanders determine the optimum way to manage air defense missions and asses possible threats across the entire command spectrum. 

Cliff Spier, Lockheed Martin Vice President and Missile East Executive for Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions, stated that, “DIAMONDShield transforms operational command and control of air and missile defense assets into a collaboration and optimization of assets. We have brought everything together to provide users with an integrated view of a complex battlespace.”

Indeed, DIAMONDShield is built using a state-of-the-art architecture and technologies. A standalone air & missile defense system that works on a common global display, DIAMONDShield provides operators with an integrated, 4-Dimensional view of the battlespace. The 4-Dimensional map includes the ability to play/rewind/re-play scenarios and their corresponding plans in order to optimize defensive plans. An open, service oriented architecture enables rapid integration with other systems and ensures low total ownership costs. By embracing the Monitor, Analyze, Assess, Predict, Plan Execute, Report (MAAPPER) model, DIAMONDShield provides operators with a comprehensive end-to-end set of C2 capabilities to manage air and missile defense missions.

For example, in a mass raid scenario, DIAMONDShield will optimize employment of air and land based missile defense assets through automated tools that provide prioritized engagement options against air and ballistic missile threats. Dynamic, predictive planning features provide intuitive planning tools that increase operator effectiveness, facilitate synchronized operations and improve strategic and tactical coordination among coalition and allied forces. The integrated display of the battlespace offers improved identification algorithms and continuously checks for atypical track behavior, and alerts operators when user defined threshold are met. This allows users to both predict and assess enemy intentions so that they can respond accordingly. Additionally, this automation allows customers to make tactical decisions more rapidly and send engagement taskings to assets in theater with a single click of the computer mouse.

Mr. Spier describes the DIAMONDShield system as the “brains behind the brawn.” Put simply, the capabilities this suite offers forces will transform the way that existing battle systems can be coordinated to support the warfighter. The ability to integrate land, air and maritime battle space in an automated, cost effective package makes this product extremely unique. Whether as a standalone national defense force or in collaboration with coalition partners, DIAMONDShield provides an integrated view of an increasingly complex battlespace and offers enhanced capabilities to assess, control and display critical information across the command spectrum.