Precision Targeting for the AH-1Z Viper



The Target Sight System (TSS) is the multi-sensor electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) fire control system (AN/AAQ-30A) for the U.S. Marine Corps AH-1Z attack helicopter. TSS has an infrared pointer, large-aperture mid-wave infrared (MWIR) sensor, color TV, laser designator/rangefinder (with eye-safe mode) and an on-gimbal inertial measurement unit integrated into a highly stabilized turret. The turret mounts to the nose of the aircraft via the Lockheed Martin-developed aircraft interface structure. TSS’ advanced sensors provide pilots with enhanced capabilities to acquire, track and designate targets at maximum weapon range, significantly enhancing platform survivability and lethality.


  • Large aperture MWIR with four fields-of-view for maximum image resolution and long-range performance
  • Highly stabilized and inertially isolated gimbal for precise line-of-sight pointing
  • Multi-mode multi-target tracker for precision weapon designation and target geo-location
  • Advanced image processing to enhance target identification at extended ranges
  • High magnification, continuous zoom, color TV with field-of-view matched to the MWIR
  • Versatile modular architecture for future growth


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Photo Gallery
  • TSS

    TSS provides long-range electro-optical surveillance, detection, and identification capabilities for the U.S. Marine Corps' AH-1Z Viper. (Photo courtesy Bell Helicopter)
  • TSS

    Target Sight System offers precision target location, tracking, identification, and laser designation beyond maximum weapon range. (Photo courtesy Bell Helicopter)
  • TSS

    TSS is designed to withstand harsh shipboard environments. (Photo courtesy U.S. Navy)
  • TSS is fully integrated into the AH-1Z mission equipment package. (Image Lockheed Martin)
  • TSS

    (Photo Courtesy Bell Helicopter)


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