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As the original manufacturer of the F-16, we hold the essential keys to success when it comes to upgrading the F-16 fleet. A fighter is an integrated and complex machine. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have the exclusive design knowledge to be able to upgrade and deliver an operationally significant capability to the warfighter. Among the factors that distinguish us from our competitors are:

Robust Infrastructure
Our experienced workforce and world-class facilities keep new F-16 production and our upgrade programs at the leading edge. From our experienced engineers to our proven integration laboratories to our robust testing infrastructure, no one else has the knowledge or the tools to design, build and test the F-16 the way we can.   

Due to our unique position as the manufacturer and supporter of more than 4,500 aircraft that have been delivered to 28 customers, we have the ability to offer upgrades that integrate the warfighter’s requirements to multiple customers. This, in turn, reduces initial procurement and long-term sustainment costs for  individual customers.

Interoperability for the Future
Core Mission Computer upgrades, cockpit display improvements and the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radars are just a few ways that our F-16s are upgrading for the future.  Configurations that are available in new production and upgraded aircraft give customers the flexibility to expand their force structure in multiple ways.

Proven Record
We have delivered more than 1,000 avionic upgrade kits for our legacy fighter aircraft.  Our straightforward solutions, diminishing manufacturing resources and complex configurations will take the F-16 to new heights in performance and capability.

Program Execution
The F-16 is the most successful fighter of the late 20th century, born and raised in competition. Today, no competitor can match the success of the Fighting Falcon.  4,500 aircraft and 55 repeat buys of the Fighting Falcon prove that the F-16 is the leader in customer satisfaction.