Argos®- Tunable Laser

An enabling technology for many high-resolution
spectroscopy applications


As one of the industry’s leading laser development centers, Lockheed Martin is recognized around the world for its robust, reliable and innovative lasers. The Argos single-frequency, continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator is a unique family of tunable lasers designed for high resolution spectroscopy. No other system matches its output power and wavelength tuning range from 1400 nm to 4600 nm. Argos is an enabling technology for many high-resolution spectroscopy applications.

With Argos Orange, the Argos technology extends to provide the same characteristics in the visible spectrum with multi-Watt output in the 600 to 700nm wavelength range. The device’s high resolution, mode-hop free tuning and excellent beam quality make it ideal for atomic physics research. Turnkey operation, and low maintenance cost make it the perfect replacement for legacy dye laser technology.

Technical Information:
Argos BB Series Spec Sheet
  Argos SF Series Spec Sheet

The Argos Orange SF-series has been nominated as a finalist in SPIE’s 2014 Prism Awards for Scientific Lasers.



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Introduction to the Argos tunable laser – Video Overview (16 min.)

Presentation by Alexander M. Morrison, Tao Liang and Gary E. Douberly, Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia (video is also available on

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