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Kansai Airport Installs WindTracer®


Japan Meteorological Agency has installed the fourth WindTracer® lidar system  that currently operates at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka. WindTracer is monitoring wind activity and low-level wind shear to provide advanced warning of wind hazards. The system is continuously scanning the approach and departure corridors to increase air safety at Kansai.

The first WindTracer was installed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in 2006. The localization of the system into the Japanese language was completed in time for the second deployment at the Tokyo Narita Airport in 2008. The third system was also installed at Haneda to continue monitoring the wind field conditions alongside the glide paths.

WindTracer has made a significant contribution to aviation safety and airport operational efficiency with its wind-hazard alerting capabilities. Lidar is recognized by the global aviation community as a proven technology that significantly enhances the ability to detect and alert air traffic controllers to such meteorological events as wind shear, dry microbursts, gust fronts, turbulence and crosswinds.

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