Ethics Resources for Suppliers

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct, referenced in the ethics clause of all new purchase orders, expresses the expectations we hold for our suppliers, and mirrors the standards we set for our own employees, Board of Directors, and other business associates. It has been translated into multiple languages to better serve our international supplier base.

In early 2017 our purchase orders were revised to state that both Lockheed Martin and its suppliers "are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles expressed in either the Lockheed Martin Supplier Code of Conduct, or the Defense Industry Initiative (DII) Model Supplier Code of Conduct." 


Zero Tolerance for Corruption

We have a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, and prohibit anyone conducting business on our behalf, including suppliers, from offering or making any improper payments of money or anything of value to government officials, political parties, candidates for public office, or other persons.

For more information, read our Supplier Code of Conduct and view our policy on Compliance with the Anti-Corruption Laws.


Gifts, Hospitality & Business Courtesies

We compete on the merits of our products and services and do not use the exchange of business courtesies to gain an unfair competitive advantage. We expect the same of our suppliers in the offering or receipt of any gift or business courtesy, including cash and cash equivalents.

For more information, refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct, our policy on Gifts, Hospitality, Other Business Courtesies, and Sponsorships or our annual letter to suppliers regarding gifts and business courtesies.


Combating Human Trafficking

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains. For more information on Lockheed Martin's commitment to mitigating the risk of human trafficking in our operations and throughout our supply chain, visit our Human Trafficking Prevention page.


Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program

An effective ethics and compliance program can help your company comply with laws and regulations, protect your reputation, and distinguish your company in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Suppliers interested in creating or enhancing an ethics program can access the self-serve resources below, sign up to participate in live webinars about the elements of an effective ethics program or apply to work one-on-one with a Lockheed Martin Ethics Officer. The self-serve resources, webinars and one-on-one mentoring are all completely free and voluntary, and have no effect on procurement decisions.

To learn more, download our brochure, watch this short testimonial, email or call 800-LM-ETHIC. To see a list of past participants in our one-on-one supplier mentoring program, click here.


Supplier Self-Assessment Tool

All suppliers, regardless of participation in the Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program webinar series or one-on-one mentoring, are encouraged to utilize our Supplier Self-Assessment Spreadsheet to evaluate their existing ethics program.


Ethics Program Element Infographics

Download the one-page guides below to quickly understand the 'what,' 'why' and 'how' of each element of an effective ethics program.


Live Webinar Series

During our live webinars, Lockheed Martin Ethics staff walk participants through setup and implementation of each element of an effective ethics program, presenting small business case studies where applicable and citing useful free resources. Tune into one webinar or all five.

  • The Whats, Whys and Hows of an Effective Ethics ProgramWatch
  • Setting Up an Effective Ethics Program - Watch
  • Developing Policies, Procedures and a Code of Conduct to Mitigate RiskWatch
  • Training and Communicating on Ethics, and Assessing Your Ethics ProgramWatch
  • Establishing Ways to Contact Ethics and Addressing Issues RaisedWatch


Additional Ethics Resources

There is a wealth of information available online that could help you develop an effective ethics program. Below are just some of the resources that may be useful to you. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the publications, research, events or other tools available.

Public Sector Resources

Aerospace & Defense Industry Resources

Ethics & Compliance Industry Resources

Resources from International Organizations

Lockheed Martin Resources

Please note that the Lockheed Martin resources below are copyrighted. However, we do license the Integrity Minutes. For more information, please contact us at or 800-LM-ETHIC.