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Why Lockheed Martin Energy? 
  Technology Innovation

The energy challenge, at its core, is an engineering challenge. And that’s what we do best. We have the industry’s best engineers and technologists focused on energy innovation. See our stories of innovation.

Advanced Manufacturing

Renewable energy generation concepts like ocean energy and bioenergy will only be successful if manufacturing enables their success. At Lockheed Martin, we’re the leader in advanced manufacturing and materials from the laboratory to production. Learn More

  Systems Integration

The electrical grid is not a single system – it is multiple, complex systems connecting hundreds of distinct hardware and software technologies. From integrating aircraft, spacecraft, mission systems, command and control stations and more – Lockheed Martin has always been the world’s best integrator of complex systems. Learn more

Cyber Security

No other energy company in the world has our cyber security credentials. Building on the most advanced technology developed for defense and intelligences markets, Lockheed Martin Energy applies multi-tiered cyber security architectures throughout its energy offerings.


  Scale & Stability

Lockheed Martin Energy has the financial capital and long-term commitment to partner with customers for decades. We’re here for you today and into the future.

Lockheed Martin Energy is a natural extension of Lockheed Martin’s long commitment to sustainable business practice. Many of the solutions we're now offering to customers we've been using and developing internally for years. See how we’re helping protect the environment.


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Meet Our EnerGENIUS Team



  1. A Lockheed Martin Energy employee with exceptional intellectual or creative power in the energy field.

At Lockheed Martin Energy, we have some exceptional people.  They are the best and brightest in the industry, solving complex problems for our customers every day. 

Some might call them genius.  We call them EnerGENIUS

Read on to meet each EnerGENIUS – and consider adding EnerGENIUS to your resume.  Check out our career opportunities below!


Maggie Gutierrez

Chief Engineer,
Lockheed Martin

Ian Metzger

Senior Energy Engineer,
Lockheed Martin
Energy Management

Tony Pellegrino

Research Engineering
Senior Manager,
Lockheed Martin Energy

Liz Santori

Senior Research Scientist,
Lockheed Martin
Energy Storage