Lockheed Martin provides the French government, Army and Air Force with a variety of capabilities from airlifters to tactical missiles to vessel traffic management. France was an original member of the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) international consortium, and today continues to operate the system. In addition, Lockheed Martin has worked with French industry through programs associated with the C-130 aerostructures provided by EADS subsidiary Socata and Latecoere subsidiary Sidmi Aviation.

Major programs in France include:

C-130 Hercules- For humanitarian and military missions, France has acquired 12 new C-130s and 2 used C-130Hs.

Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)- An original member of the international consortium, France operates the MLRS today. In 2003, the DGA signed a multi-year contract to purchase Laser Guided Training Rounds to enhance air-to-ground precision munitions.

Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System- Lockheed Martin integrated (more info needed)

Hellfire- The French Armed Forces selected Hellfire for their Eurocopter Tiger fleet.

Javelin- The world’s first portable, fire and forget, multipurpose missile system, Javelin was selected by France in early 2010.

Vessel Traffic Management- Lockheed Martin’s French subsidiary, ERAAM, designed and installed the vessel traffic management systems at the ports of Marseilles and Nantes.


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