F-16 Fighting Falcon

Lockheed Martin is committed to strengthening and expanding our relationship with India. We have partnered with India for more than 25 years and remain committed to fostering technology development, manufacturing and strategic collaboration. Today’s global security environment requires proven success to protect what matters most. 

Through the F-16 Block 70 for India -the newest, most advanced and powerful F-16 ever - we continue this commitment.

This unique F-16 opportunity delivers advanced defence capabilities and strengthens the strategic partnership between the U.S. and India. The F-16 is ready for any challenge, combining innovative structural and capability upgrades, such as the Active Electronically Scanned Array radar with a new avionics architecture. The Block 70 software further enhances capabilities through an advanced datalink, precision GPS navigation and Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System.

Lockheed Martin is the pre-eminent designer, developer and manufacturer of the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft. Our partnership and joint venture company with Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) has proven that Indian industry can manufacture airframe components for the C-130J airlifter and the S-92 helicopter. We hope to build on that success with the F-16, the world’s most successful, combat-proven multi-role fighter. Because when it comes to success in complex environments, we know trusted partnerships can make a world of difference. Learn more about the F-16 Block 70.

India F-16V

C-130J Super Hercules

The C-130 program represents a strong legacy of partnership between the U.S. and India. All C-130Js delivered to customers around the world have major aerostructure components from India included in their build through partnership with TASL in Hyderabad, India. This partnership with TASL also includes an on-the-job training element that supports the broader “Skills India” initiative.

The C-130J Super Hercules:

  • Is Lockheed Martin’s largest programme in India.
  • Represents the first major military contract between the U.S. and India in more than 40 years.
  • Is the world's most successful and advanced tactical airlifter.

The Indian Air Force operates a fleet of five C-130J-30s and it will receive an additional six C-130J-30s as well. India is one of 16 countries operating the C-130J Super Hercules, which is the world’s choice for tactical airlifters. The IAF uses its C-130Js to support a variety of missions, from cargo delivery to providing vital humanitarian aid.

The Super Hercules is also part of India’s C-130J Roll-On/Roll-Off University Design Challenge.Through this initiative, Lockheed Martin provides research grants for teams from Indian universities to work with local industry partners and mentors from India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation to develop design specifications for proposed modules that could be used on a Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules cargo aircraft.

S-92® Helicopter

Sikorsky – a Lockheed Martin company – also relies on TASL in Hyderabad, India, as the manufacturing base for its global supply of cabin aerostructures for the S-92 helicopter.

Since production began in 2010, TASL has delivered 120 cabins to Sikorsky’s S-92 assembly plant in the United States.

Today, production of more than 5,000 precision components that compose each S-92 cabin is 100 percent indigenous to India — supplied by a joint venture company called Tata Sikorsky Aerospace Ltd., also located in Hyderabad.

Renowned for its safety and reliability, the S-92 helicopter is operated extensively worldwide by offshore oil and gas transport companies, search and rescue agencies, and by heads of state. Sikorsky has produced more than 275 S-92 aircraft since September 2004. The worldwide S-92 fleet recently surpassed one million flight hours.



The Indian Navy has selected Sikorsky’s S-70B SEAHAWK® helicopter for its multi-role rotorcraft requirement.

Designed to perform anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare (ASW/ASuW), the S-70B aircraft will be configured to meet the Indian Navy’s specific and unique operational needs. The proposed Indian Navy S-70B variant will include a weapons management system that integrates an advanced sonar, 360-degree search radar, modern air-to-surface missiles, and torpedoes for the ASW role.

The S-70B aircraft also will enhance the Indian Navy’s capabilities to perform non-combat maritime roles, including search and rescue, utility and external cargo lift, surveillance and casualty evacuation. Formalities to enable the successful delivery of 16 of these sophisticated and customized helicopters to the Indian Navy are expected to conclude soon.

When delivered to the Indian Navy, the S-70B SEAHAWK helicopter will be one of the most advanced maritime rotorcraft in the world.


Partnerships in India

With a presence in India for over 25 years, Lockheed Martin opened our India subsidiary in New Delhi in 2008 and has supported and aligned itself with various initiatives of the Government of India, including:

Lockheed Martin continues to explore opportunities for closer collaboration and partnerships, including supporting the Digital India iniative.

As a part of its larger commitment to enhance the growth and development of India’s innovation, Lockheed Martin has sponsored and supported the India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) since 2007 in partnership with the Indian Department of Science and Technology, Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas. 

Resonating with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Start-up India” call, the IIGP has pioneered an initiative that has supported more than 400 innovators and start-ups with in-depth technology commercialization training and handholding support to commercialize and scale their ventures in India and across the world, particularly in the United States.

To date, the revenue generated for the Indian entrepreneurs through this programme is approaching $1 billion, and it is a flagship innovation program in the Department of Science and Technology. 

Lockheed Martin Chairman, President and CEO Marillyn Hewson recently visited India to mark a successful decade of the IIGP and delivered these remarks. Lockheed Martin continues to expand its footprint in India, with a focus on developing strategic collaborations in-country.

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