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Sikorsky Innovations develops future vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft and enabling technologies.

Launched in 2013, the rapid prototyping group currently is engaged in VTOL Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), electric propulsion systems, and advanced flight autonomy.

Our vision is to develop a series of next generation aircraft that can more efficiently and cost-effectively conduct existing missions while unlocking new capabilities for military and commercial customers through increased range and speed. Advanced Autonomy and Electric Systems will come together in a number of products – resulting in very efficient single main rotor helicopters, fast wing-borne VTOL aircraft, and a next generation family of Uncrewed Air Systems.
Igor Cherepinsky
Sikorsky Innovations Director


In Development   ___

Hybrid-Electric Demonstrator (HEX)


Sikorsky Innovations and GE Aerospace are developing a 9,000-pound unmanned, hybrid-electric tilt-wing VTOL demonstrator.


Sikorsky Innovations has designed a 9,000-pound HEX testbed in a tilt-wing configuration.

GE Aerospace is contributing to the HEX program with a turboshaft engine combined with a 1.2MW-class turbogenerator and associated power electronics.

Over the next 2-5 years, a HEX power systems testbed and follow-on demonstrator will give Sikorsky insights into a future class of large, winged VTOL aircraft capable of regional and inter-city travel with ranges up to 500 nm at high speed.

Rotor Blown Wing (RBW)


Rotor Blown Wing (RBW)


Flight tests are underway to prove the control laws and aerodynamic performance of a twin proprotor ‘rotor blown wing’ configuration.

The VTOL UAS sits on its tail to take off and land like a helicopter, and transitions to horizontal forward flight for long-endurance missions.

Sikorsky’s MATRIX™ autonomy flight control system, and an articulated rotor system similar to those in traditional helicopters, are key enablers for both HEX and RBW.

The RBW design will enable scalability of the air vehicle and unique crewed-uncrewed teaming missions.

Sikorsky Innovations Accomplishments   ___


Sikorsky Innovations was formed in 2010 as a prototyping group to solve three big challenges in rotary wing flight — Speed, Autonomy, and Intelligence.

All three technology pillars have yielded incredible results. See VFS Vertiflite Magazine’s article in the Mar/Apr 2024 issue.




  • X2® counter-rotating co-axial design with rear propulsor in place of a tail rotor.
  • Flies twice as fast as a single main rotor helicopter.
  • Dramatically improves maneuverability.
  • Impressive low speed handling qualities.
  • Three prototypes (X2 demonstrator; S-97 RAIDER®; SB-1 DEFIANT®).



  • Matrix autonomy system has demonstrated diverse missions (AAM, firefighting, contested logistics, cargo transport).
  • Optionally piloted. Can fly with two, one or zero pilots.
  • Increases safety of flight while reducing workload.
  • Proven on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.



  • Analytical tools convert aircraft sensor data into actionable information.
  • Improved logistics and operational flight hours for commercial operators.
  • Resulting Customer Care Center monitors commercial fleets 24/7.
  • Significant AOG and operational cost reductions.
  • Positions parts and inventory to keep fleets flying.
Sikorsky Innovations in the News   ___
Sikorsky Flight-Tests Scalable ‘Rotor Blown Wing’ UAS For DARPA Project
May 22, 2024
Press Release
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, is conducting flight tests to mature the control laws and aerodynamics of a novel vertical takeoff and landing uncrewed aerial system (VTOL / UAS).
Autonomy and AI: Sikorsky’s 21st Century Security Advancements
Mar 26, 2024
For more than 100 years, Sikorsky has been at the forefront of innovation and continues to do so by reimagining aviation for the military of the future.
Sikorsky Looks To Future Family Of VTOL Systems
Feb 27, 2024
Press Release
Hybrid-electric demonstrator will test electrification and autonomy for next-gen products.
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