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Vector Star January 2022

Protecting What Matters Most

We closed 2021 on a strong note. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to the mission.

Artemis Rollout

We're Going Back to the Moon

NASA's Space Launch System rocket, with the Lockheed Martin-built Orion spacecraft on top, made a historic first appearance.


Excellence Everywhere

By driving technical innovation during the first quarter of 2022, we made history. 


Quieting the Sonic Boom

The disruptive, innovative Skunk Works® team discusses the testing, digital tools and cross-site collaboration that allow X-59 to progress toward its first flight.



Behind the Scenes

Our Skunk Works®  team defines the future. When the Top Gun movie sequel needed help pushing the boundaries of aviation, they came to us.


The Future of Battle Management Systems

A look at the software that helps commanders track, manage and control complex operations in real-time.


Delivering Critical Innovations

From successful hypersonic flight tests to firing up the computers on the spacecraft that will fly astronauts to the Moon, here's what we've been working on the past few months.

Layered Laser Defense

Inside Laser Technology

Our Layered Laser Defense system has done what no other ground-based electric laser weapon system has done before: defeated two surrogate cruise missiles.

Ahead of Ready

The Mission That Matters Most

For 25 years we've been pushing scientific boundaries in aerospace and expanding excellence across every domain.  We ensure America and its allies can outpace emerging threats to make smarter, faster and safer decisions.

Directed Energy

Innovation & Technology Highlights

From high-powered laser systems to hypersonic successes, watch what we accomplished in Q3 2022.